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“Membership” from ArkACRAO Constitution

The following is an excerpt directly from the ArkACRAO constitution:


Section 1.

Individuals designated by each institutional member shall be eligible to conduct Association affairs, to hold elective office, and to participate in other ways. (Other individuals may be invited to serve the Association on committees and in other capacities.) The annual fee for each institution shall be $100.

Section 2.

Associate members shall be those individuals or representatives of organizations who have purposes parallel with those of ArkACRAO, who represent a not-for-profit organization, agency, or institution, and who desire to participate in the Association’s nonvoting activities. Institutions that are candidates for membership to one of the six regional accrediting agencies may apply for associate membership by providing proof of candidacy status. Candidates for associate membership must petition the Membership Committee, meet qualifications for membership, be approved by the Membership Committee, and be approved by a majority vote of the general membership. There shall be an annual fee of $100 for each institution.

Section 3.

Distinguished membership may be extended to those individuals who have provided exemplary service to the Association. These members shall enjoy a permanent invitation to attend ArkACRAO meetings and to maintain interest in ArkACRAO affairs as a non-voting member. They shall be exempt from all ArkACRAO fees. Such membership includes:

  1. Lifetime Membership granted to those active members upon retirement.
  2. Honorary Membership granted to those elected by the Executive Committee for records of significant service to the Association.

Section 4.

All members and associate members shall be entitled to receive copies of ArkACRAO publications, including the newsletter, provided that the membership institution submits an updated mailing list to the Secretary when membership fees are paid.

Section 5.

Membership fees are due no later than July 31 each year, prior to attendance at the Annual Meeting, with June 1 of each fiscal year designated as the billing date. Paid membership status is required to be included in any ArkACRAO publication, including, but not limited to, the ArkACRAO Directory and to participate in ArkACRAO sponsored events including, but not limited to, Articulation Workshops and the Annual Meetings. Failure to pay annual dues will render an institution inactive. Inactive members may be reinstated upon submission of dues if the institution has been inactive for a period of less than two (2) consecutive years. Inactive institutions for two (2) or more consecutive years must petition for membership and be approved by a majority vote of the general membership.

For questions or further information, please contact:
Ana Hunt

University of Arkansas - Pulaski Technical College
3000 W. Scenic Drive
North Little Rock, Arkansas 72118
Phone: (501) 812-2206
Fax: (501) 812-2733

Clearinghouse Calendar for non-Members

Interested parties outside members and associate members may purchase the ArkACRAO Clearinghouse Calendar for $150.00

Calendars may be ordered by contacting Mary Whiting, University of Arkansas Monticello:

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